Direct references to Barks-stories

Francesco Spreafico francesco.spreafico at
Mon Jul 31 15:58:54 CEST 2006

Kai Saarto wrote:

> I am looking for direct references to Barks-stories by other writers
> besides Rosa. I know that Van Horn referred to "Land Beneath Ground!"
> (W US 13-02) in his "Creature Comforts" (D 98062). I have tried to
> browse INDUCKS for more, but so far no banana. If anyone can remember
> other instances of this happening, this would be greatly appreciated.

Cavazzano's "Zio Paperone e l'uomo dei paperi" (I TL 1919-C) contains 
many references to Barks stories... the story being a "fake" interview 
to Barks itself.

Then we have Massimo De Vita's "Topolino e l'imperatore d'America" (I TD 
18-2) that's a sequel to the Golden Helmet.

And Luciano Bottaro's "Paperino e la vera storia della cimice Tuff-Tuff 
(I TD   18-1), that references Rip Van Winkle.


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