Barks' self-references

Robert Hutchings robertmhutchings at
Mon Jul 31 18:36:46 CEST 2006

Regarding the question of Barks referencing his own
earlier stories in subsequent stories, he made a very
concerted effort not to do so. He was concerned that
he might lose readers (and readership) if he made
these references. Don Rosa coming many years later has
departed substantially from this philosophy. Barks
also reintroduced the characters each time they
appeared in a story; there is a panel or two in almost
all his stories that establishes Uncle Scrooge as the
wealthiest duck in the world, Donald as a carefree
guy, the Beagle Boys as terrible thugs, etc. There is
an excellent dialogue on this in Donald Ault's
collection of Barks interviews, titled Conversations
with Carl Barks. In that interview, he actually
mentions the Status Seeker story as one of the only
examples of referencing an earlier story. Ault's book,
by the way, is well worth reading.



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