DCML Digest, Vol 41, Issue 32

Kai Saarto ksaarto at mbnet.fi
Mon Jul 31 23:20:15 CEST 2006

Thank you all for the kind replies! Harry's list will probably keep me 
occupied for couple of days.

Robert: I've read Ault's book and its indeed good. I need to reread that 
bit about Barks talking about reffering to his own stories.

Donald D. Markstein wrote:
> By the way, I've noticed over the years that whenever there's a heated 
> controversy on this otherwise extremely friendly list, leading to 
> moderators "scrubbing" posts lest things get out of hand, there's always 
> one particular person in the thick of it. Need I mention who?
One person seems to be keeping certain type conversation going on there, 
without anyone moderating him out like we have here. No wonder he is so 
keen to see us all migrate there to be his audience.

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