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Thu Mar 23 15:47:28 CET 2006

>>>>About the merchandising purposes... I know that here, in some European
countries, Mickey and Donald (and the other members of the crew) are still
much more popular than, say, Pocahontas, or Mulan, or the brand new
bunch. And I'm sure that more licenses (for stationery, shirts, puppets,
role games and so on) concerning DD & MM are sold for the big number of
that the characters have
(This situation is determined by the long tradition about "Topolino" and
"Paperino"'s comics: the big amount of publications we have (I speak about
Italy, peculiarly) and the large, very large production of new stories
created every year for the comics magazines which are translated into many
other languages.
So, even comics can be the reason of "big profits", directly or not.

You are speaking of Italy and Europe in general. NOT North America. I hope
it was clear that I was referring strictly to America.

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