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Thu Mar 23 15:47:28 CET 2006

from the underground city to the external.

To be honest, now that I'm trying to describe my feeble memories,
I'm even not really sure if the plot was about ducks or mice...
sorry, but I'm quite sure in remembering $crooge together with donald
and nephews trying to escape from that city by the only possible way:
they climbed up the funnel, using a sort of hooked rods in a 
particular manner, and then profit of the ascensional air-flow.
That was the end of the story: not a single remembrance of the main
plot comes helping me.
If this may help: I'm (quite) sure that the splash panel under the title
represents the upper part of the funnel above the sea level.

Just to add a bit of confusion to my very obscure description,
I would just say that, as far as I can remember about the style,
the story looks as a Scarpa work.

Could you please help me finding this story?
I remember I loved this story: is anybody having an idea from where such 
a plot may has been derived?

I'm awfully sorry for the length of this email and for the lack of
in decribing the story (yes and for my poor english too).
Anyway, thanks to all people who had the patience to read it (and could 
maybe help me).

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