Ole: italian comments in story indexes

H.W.Fluks@telecom.tno.nl H.W.Fluks at telecom.tno.nl
Mon Mar 6 13:48:56 CET 2006

Ole Damgaard:

> Every once in a while, when I look up an italian story using 
> the coa search engine,

(so you're actually searching through INDUCKS data)

> an additional comment appears in a story index.
> Sadly, these comments are usually written in italian.
> Is there any chance they might be translated into, say, 
> english, at some point?

This is up to our Italian indexers.
But did you try automatic translation, for instance using Altavista or
You may get some unexpected results, like "I am a ventilator of Shoe"
instead of "I am a fan of Scarpa". But for the bulk of the text, it
could be of help.

(Indeed a ventilator of Shoe)

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