Per Starbäck 699 at nafsk.se
Thu Mar 23 18:06:51 CET 2006

The DCML is dead! Long live the DCML!

For various reasons I haven't read the DCML myself most of the time
for a long time, and have only looked at list administrativia once
in a while. I guess I've partly lost interest, even though I'm still
active in the Swedish Donaldist organization NAFS(k). Now and then
I've thought about how it's not good to be the administrator if you
don't read the list regularly yourself, but those thoughts never
became more than thoughts.

One reason why that wasn't good was seen last year when there were
conflicts on the list that needed attention but that I didn't become
aware of until rather late. I knew then that I couldn't go on being in
charge of the list anymore. The easiest way to solve everything would
have been to just close the list down, but I really didn't want that,
since I think it is an important part of Disney comics fandom.

I knew what I wanted to do instead, and I'm glad to say that this is
what finally happened, in spite of various problems on the way that
made me so close to having to shut down the list instead.

So... this list, the Disney Comics Mailing List, is no longer owned
and administered by me, but by NAFS(k)! NAFS(k) is one of the oldest
and largest Donaldist organizations in the world, and I believe that
the list therefore is in safe hands where it probably can be taken
care of for as long as there is interest in it.

The new official address for the list is therefore

			    dcml at nafsk.se

and the new official web address for the list is


The old addresses will still work for some time, and forward to the
new addresses.

For the time being the actual list administrative stuff is taken care
of by two board members of NAFS(k), namely Olof Siverbo and myself.
(OK, so I'm not really gone yet...) That will change with time, and if
there needs to be any hard policy decisions again (I hope not) they
will be made by the whole NAFS(k) board.

Your subscriptions have automatically been carried over to the new
list. You don't have to resubscribe, and things will work like before,
Per Starback
 "Life is but a gamble!  Let flipism chart your ramble!"

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