The making of a Squabbit?

Bror Hellman steamboat.willie at
Wed May 3 09:29:34 CEST 2006

I am reading the wonderful Wolf-classic "The Squabbit Maker" by Carl
Buettner (W WDC 57-06) from 1945.

A funny and clever story I like. Many non-Barks classics are almost
forgotten today, and that's a pity...

Well, I have two important questions for you out there on this mailing-list
if you haven't abandoned us for web-forums yet:

1) In Sweden the Squabbit have had two names: "Griskanorre" (1957) and
"Grisenin" (1974), now I wonder what squabbits are called in other
countries. (INUCKS couldnat help me with this).

2) Anyone out there have any good Squabbit recipies that they are willign to
How to prepare and cook a squabbit perhaps?  ... or how to make one if he
eludes the Squabbit hunters? ;-)  ... of course you have to specify if your
recipie is for the delicious one or the "spicy" kind.. ;-)

   // Steamboat Willie

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