The making of a Squabbit?

Timo Ronkainen timoro at
Wed May 3 20:07:21 CEST 2006

This is one of my favorite non-Barks stories in Disney comics!
In Finland it is called "Porkani", it might be combination of "porsas" (pig) 
and "kani" (rabbit).
I haven't tried to make/bake any Squabbit but I've tried to guess what's 
innit by lookin the pitchus... :-)
Potatos, carrots, onions, paprika, radish, beans, flour, oil and water. In 
what proportion to mix these ingredients, I dunno...

Best Wishes

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>I am reading the wonderful Wolf-classic "The Squabbit Maker" by Carl
> Buettner (W WDC 57-06) from 1945.
> A funny and clever story I like. Many non-Barks classics are almost
> forgotten today, and that's a pity...
> Well, I have two important questions for you out there on this 
> mailing-list
> if you haven't abandoned us for web-forums yet:
> 1) In Sweden the Squabbit have had two names: "Griskanorre" (1957) and
> "Grisenin" (1974), now I wonder what squabbits are called in other
> countries. (INUCKS couldnat help me with this).
> 2) Anyone out there have any good Squabbit recipies that they are willign 
> to
> share?
> How to prepare and cook a squabbit perhaps?  ... or how to make one if he
> eludes the Squabbit hunters? ;-)  ... of course you have to specify if 
> your
> recipie is for the delicious one or the "spicy" kind.. ;-)
>   // Steamboat Willie
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