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Re: Finding Donald Duck Adventures #29Hi !

I hadn't noticed BJ's original message, so I'll reply to John (Lustig)'s--

>>>> BJ: There are two different Donald Duck Adventures # 29
>>>> (printed at different times and with totally different contents.
>>>> The one you're looking for has a December 1994 date on it
>>>> and features a cover by Don Rosa. [...] 

>>>> Mile High Comics has a copy (that's priced rather high, in my opinion, but I guess it must be >>>> hard to find)

Gladstone / The Bruce Hamilton Company still carries it (for $4):

Steve Calrow is still there, managing the back issues; I had the pleasure of talking with him on the phone a few weeks ago to order the "prestige" WDC&S and US issues I was still missing. He told me he was preparing a list of  earlier back issues.

Mile-High Comics is a great source, and helped me find many comics , but I'm glad I can still order directly from Gladstone (though technically it might no longer be Gladstone). It takes a little comparing, as one sometimes has a quite cheaper price than the other, but it's worth it (a dollar saved is a quarter of  a comic earned).
Steve is also much less likely (ie, the chances are certainly nil) to confuse a Gladstone DDA with a Disney DDA. Actually, I mixed them up too in one order.
By the way, howcome Disney started numbering DDA over, and not the other titles? I suppose they wanted to make it clear there was a change, but then, why didn't follow this logic through and re-boot all the titles? I am glad they didn't, anyway.

Please, just don't out-order me on those issues I'm still missing!   ;)

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