Numbering of DDA, WDC&S, US, DD

Tue May 9 18:42:38 CEST 2006

Harry Fluks responded to Olivier as follows:

< By the way, how come Disney started numbering DDA  over, and not the other 
titles? I suppose they wanted to make it clear there was  a change, but then, 
why didn't follow this logic through and re-boot all the  titles?

Their explanation at the time was, that they didn't want to  re-start the 
well-known series that had ran for years (WDC, DD, US), but only  re-started the 
series that were started by Gladstone (like  DDA).

Hi, Harry-
You're right, and let me expand on your response. As editor of those titles  
during the Disney years I fought to keep the long-running numbering on the 
old,  established titles, especially Walt Disney's Comics and Stories. The 
marketing  folks wanted to start with all #1 issues for marketing reasons and to get 
the  collectors. I talked them out of it and I guess because Donald Duck 
Adventures  was started by Gladstone, they deemed it acceptable to re-number that 
title. The  marketing folks seemed to think that having a #1 on the cover was 
more important  that having good content inside and a great name on the cover. 
Funny how so many of the talented artists and writers involved in Disney  
comics over the years have continued to produce good stuff. Wonder what happened  
to all those sales and marketing wizards.
- Bob Foster
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