Numbering of DDA, WDC&S, US, DD

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at
Wed May 10 14:28:01 CEST 2006


> The marketing folks wanted to start with all #1 
> issues for marketing reasons and to get the collectors.

Isn't it the case that many US, non-Disney comics titles have several #1 
issues, precisely for this reason?

> The 
> marketing folks seemed to think that having a #1 on the cover was more 
> important that having good content inside and a great name on the cover.

Having good content can also help with marketing, because, as issue numbers 
start to get high, one can easily find excuses to produce anniversary issues, 
which are equally, if not more valuable than contemporary first issues. The 
weekly Greek "Mickey Mouse", e.g., had, among others, a 1900th special issue, 
a huge, 500-page 2000th special issue, and is now gearing up for a 40th 
anniversary issue, which they promise is going to be even bigger than the 2000th!

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