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Thanks, Harry & Bob, for the explanation!

I had thought of  the "collectibility" of  #1 issues and that Disney had wanted to clearly brand their run, but I failed to see the logic of  not re-booting *all* the titles. Now I know this was prevented thanks to you, Mr Foster!

Here's an additional question; it may be rather obvious, but still, I would like to be sure: was Disney Comics Editor-in-Chief  Len Wein the same that co-created Swamp Thing?
I only discovered Swamp Thing when was introduced to Alan Moore's work thanks to the "From Hell" movie; reading his run on Swamp Thing naturally made me want to go back to the roots (pun semi-intended) of  the character, and I wasn't disappointed at all: Moore may have gone further with the character, developed it in a very interesting way, but Wein & Wrightson's series was already great.
However, I only recently linked this Wein with the one credited in Disney Comics. Now, I would just like to be sure it's not an homonym.

Speaking of  the staff  of  Disney comics and their various works, again, I only recently found out about the other works of  one of  Gladstone/Gemstone's Colorists Supreme.

First, let me tell you that the first Spider-Man movie and From Hell led me to broaden my comics interests. I did read some superhero comics years and years ago, and I already had a few Peanuts & Pogo books, but after finding Gladstone's comics and 'Library"s, I focused on Disney comics.
Those two movies made me investigate some other classics I had overlooked or was not aware of. Hardcover and paperback reprints and Archives helped a lot-- regular wages also did, as opposed to nothing during first years of  Disney collecting, as a student.
Spider-Man, Moore, Gaiman, DC's Batman Archives, EC Library sets, ... -- and non-EC horror comics.
Mile-High Comics has been a great help. My first orders, nearly two years ago, consisted mostly of  Disney comics. Now it's mostly horror / weird, adventure, pre-code comics, Literary Classics, ..., plus a few Disney titles (especially Gemstone's DD&F and MM&F, which you can't get through amazon).
I soon started cataloguing everything, in order to be able to find a specific story when needed. I always read the story credits, but I haven't had time to read all the comics I have bought yet.

And one day, a few weeks (two months) ago, as I checked it to enter it in my Word document, I saw that the painted cover of  "Tales of  Terror" # 10 (January, 1987), was credited to... Gary Leach !
To date, it's the only art of  his that I have. I have seen a few ads in other comics for titles drawn by Gary, though.
Naturally, I Googled for Gary, and found out what a great artist he is / you are.
I must admit that I quite had naively never thought about it; I have seen "colored by Gary Leach" in Disney comics for 12 years now, but I had never imagined you might actually draw as well-- it's a bit silly, indeed, imagining one can't have a life & career outside of  Disney comics & whatever their work there might be; but then, there are so specific compartments in comics as in animation (story idea, script, layout, pencils, inking, coloring, ...), I had just assumed you had specialized in (great) coloring.

Here are a few pages found by Google:
- an interview with Disney comics Editor John Clark, featuring a very nice picture of  him, with Susan and Gary Leach
- the new incarnation of  Miracleman, written by Alan Moore, was drawn by Gary Leach ( ) ( ); unfortunately, those books are rare, and a legal quagmire prevents any new edition of  Moore & Gaiman's runs
- a Daredevil painting ( )
- a green elemental girl and zombies ( )
- a page from "the John Clark / Gary Leach adaptation of  the movie 'Freaked' " ( ) (the same John Clark, I guess; has he written non-Disney comics?)
- inking of  "Authority" issues ( )
- "Magic" trading cards ( ) ( ) ( ); I supposed you colored them yourself  as well, didn't you?
- since I can't read whatever Scandinavian language this one is in, I'm not sure what the credit is for: ; it might be pencils.

I have meant to write you about this, Gary, but have been procrastinating. That's superb art! I hope I'll be able to find & buy more issues featuring your cover art, and even story art.

What other such non-Disney achievements by Disney comics staff  have I been unaware of  all those years?

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