Squabbit, Flemming Andersen

Ole Damgaard ole at disneycomics.dk
Sun May 14 13:37:18 CEST 2006

Bror Helmann wrote:

>In Sweden the Squabbit have had two names: "Griskanorre" (1957) and 
>"Grisenin" (1974), now I wonder what squabbits are called in other 
>countries. (INUCKS couldnat help me with this).

It is called a "grisenin" in danish. For those of you who don't speak 
danish/swedish: I think it is a word put together by "gris" (pig) and 
"Kanin" (rabbit).

-Oh, and someone asked about when Flemming Andersen started drawing Disney 
comics. According to inducks, he has been writing and drawing since 1990.
Take a look at this page: http://coa.inducks.org/creator.php/x/FAn



More pictures from komiks.dk, the Copenhagen comic convention: 
http://snipurl.com/komiksdk , http://rackham.dk/dokument/dokument023.php , 

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