Bob Foster? (was Re: Plot paid by Burbank)

David Gerstein ramapith at
Sun May 14 16:38:06 CEST 2006

     Hey there—

     Re: "Plot paid by Burbank" D-stories...

     Bob Foster may know more about this (hey, Bob... you still  
there?). I believe that what happened is that Disney Comics, Inc.  
bought the original scripts for these stories before its 1991  
"implosion"; but after the "implosion," Disney Comics' budget had  
been reduced, so they could no longer afford to have the stories drawn.
     Shortly after this, Egmont paid to have the stories drawn; at  
which point they became D-coded stories. But because Disney Comics,  
Inc. in Burbank had already paid for the scripts, Egmont didn't have  
to pay for them again.

     Aside from the stories you listed, I also know a few other  
published Egmont stories that began as Disney Comics, Inc. stories:
     D 92206 ("The Pauper's Glass," intended as a DUCKTALES story but  
completed for Egmont as a standard Scrooge, with Donald replacing  
     D 92208-92210 (Launchpad McQuack two-pagers)
     D 93274 (intended as a serial for Disney Comics' MICKEY MOUSE  

     Huck Akin's "The Oak Island Treasure," a Scrooge graphic novel  
announced by Disney (in 1991? I don't have my records here), was also  
revived at Egmont, but shelved and never completed.


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