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> And one day, a few weeks (two months) ago, as I checked it to enter  
> it in my Word document, I saw that the painted cover of  "Tales of   
> Terror" # 10 (January, 1987), was credited to... Gary Leach !
> To date, it's the only art of  his that I have. I have seen a few  
> ads in other comics for titles drawn by Gary, though.
> Naturally, I Googled for Gary, and found out what a great artist he  
> is / you are.

Oh, how I wish I could accept these kudos! But this Gary Leach, a  
definitely fine artist, is not me. He's from Great Britain, and when  
he first "arrived" in the US, his name was sometimes spelled Garry  
Leach, but that didn't stop a certain confusion from arising, once  
both he and I established ourselves in our respective areas.

Also, in spite of this "connection", we've never met.

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