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	Hi Leo,

	One reason why I have not bought hardly any [Gemstone] comic books is the lack of new Rosa and Van Horn stories!  I know that Don Rosa is famous for working slowly and meticulously, so his output is not prodigious.  But what about the other American authors?

	Bill Van Horn doesn't produce quite as many stories as he used to. But we've still got a new Donald saga from him in every other issue of WALT DISNEY'S COMICS AND STORIES. Sometimes even more often than that.
	Pat and Carol McGreal, Michael T. and Janet Gilbert, Byron Erickson, Dave Rawson, John Lustig, John Blair Moore, and Terry Laban are also North Americans, and our comics include quite a lot of their work. Or were you only referring to American *artists*?

	Why not more new stories from Block and Fernandez?

	The upcoming "Case of the Missing Mummy" is a Gemstone-produced long adventure written and drawn by Pat and Shelly Block, with art by Pat Block. Admittedly, one reason you don't see more stories drawn by Pat is that he is presently drawing for no Disney comics producer besides Gemstone, and we ourselves have never had a high budget for producing our own stories- so we couldn't take many more from him even if we wanted to.
	We will, however, have more short Egmont stories *written* by the Blocks in the near future.

	As for Ron Fernandez, I'm not sure of his whereabouts at present. He hasn't worked with the Blocks for many years, and I'm not aware that he's tried to write for any other Disney comics producer.

	Best, David
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