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Tue Nov 7 20:46:15 CET 2006


> Perhaps the new Shonen Jump style title will focus on new stories.   
> Yet I have a bad feeling that Gemstone will take the "cheap" and  
> "easy" way out and just fill lots of them with more re-re-reprints.

As Sue and I don't review Gemstone's solicitations, I won't speak to  
the contents of upcoming prestige and one-shot issues, other than to  
say I never put much faith in the product information supplied by  
Amazon. However, I can say that the "Shonen Jump"-type books are  
intended to feature all-new (for the U.S. market) material.

In any event, redirecting a comic book line is not a turn-on-a-dime  
proposition. Some tricky course corrections are involved, and the  
final bearing is not necessarily going to be obvious from the initial  
maneuvers taken to reach it.

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