Luciano Bottaro died today

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Sat Nov 25 18:48:31 CET 2006

>>>> Subject: Luciano Bottaro died today

76-- That's still pretty young.
He had very distinctive style I liked a lot.
I'm browsing through the INDUCKS on the COA; as for Barks and Gottfredson, I 
am (re)discovering "hey, this was by him!"

One in particular I have always loved: I TL 202-AP ("La Bataille des 
Héros"-- ), beautifully 
written and drawn by Guido Martina & Luciano Bottaro; I'll read it tonight 
in hommage to him; it's one of  the oldest Mickey Parade books I have-- it's 
my own book, not a second-hand buy, which implies a strong bond, as I was 8 
when I got it the month it was released, and this issue has always been 
among my top favorite MPs because of  those two Martina stories (and also 
the Scarpa one and one I thought was by Murry).

Oooh, another great one: I TL 535-B ("Topolino e il raffreddore potente
" / "L'Affaire des Saphirs"-- He was really good at 
drawing both universes.

Another good collaboration was with Carlo Chendi-- for instance, I TL 714-AP 
("La Vengeance du Professeur Malefik"-- ).

I also read some of  his Pepito stories (with Carlo Chedni, again) in Pif 
Gadget, years ago.

Truly one of  Italy's greatest Disney artists.
Farewell and thank you very much, Mr. Bottaro!
With all my deepest sympathies to Mr. Bottaro's family,

: ( 

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