Don Rosa in Germany

Jano Rohleder jano.rohleder at
Thu Oct 19 03:15:03 CEST 2006

As some people asked for reports...
I've got one on Don's signing tour on my website, DuckMania. For now, it's 
all in German, but I hope I'll soon be able to put a translated version of 
it on-line, too.
However, you can already find some nice photos of the different locations 
and the cover of the limited tour edition Lo$ book there:

There's an extra site covering Don's visit in Frankfurt, including a photo 
gallery and a seven-minutes video clip.
Don attended the international Book Fair on October 7th and 8th, and I kind 
of assisted him during the two days (writing down names etc.) which was 
great fun.

In the evening of Sunday, October 8th, Don had dinner with some folks of the 
German "D.O.N.A.L.D." (donaldist) society. During that he kindly drew me the 
Uncle Scrooge I asked for (at about 10 pm!), and signed my copy of the 
"Onkel Dagobert" album #30 in which "A Letter from Home" was published (I 
translated the story for Ehapa back in 2003).
You can find the photos and the video here (the picture quality isn't very 
good during the first 20 seconds, but it gets better once the camera stops 
moving around):

I hope you'll enjoy the stuff, and I'll let you know when the translated 
version of the reports is on (

btw: the guy in the "Simpsons"-Jacket is Phil Ortiz from Bongo/Simpsons 
Comics who signed at the Panini booth that day.

Best wishes,

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