Duck Tales Movie and Barks "Piramide Shame"

GGK ggk at
Mon Oct 23 23:00:04 CEST 2006


I don't know was this mention before, but I discover this rith now and I 
like to share it with you :

In "Duck Tales The Movie - Tresure of the Lost Lamp" the part where the 
Ducks find the Piramid in the sand on the destert and dig it-up is 
apperently taken from one of Carl Barks short storys "Piramide Shame".
Main diffrence is theat in the Barks story Scrooge hire a whole staff to 
dig-it-up while in the movie it only took 7 people...

Link to the On-line comics for people who would like to compare

I wonder, if there were more plot-part borow from Barks Comic books in this 


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