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Sat Oct 28 12:54:38 CEST 2006

As Don Rosa himself has pointed out, comic books are a dying art,
especially those with more text to read and without the gruesome "dark"
nature of the revamped superhero lines.

The competition from the culture of videogames, DVD's, the Internet,
sports, etc. for a child's or an adult's time is just too great.  A DVD
of DuckTales can cost $7.95 these days: why buy a comic book which has no
music and does not move?

On the other hand, I do wonder about the marketing here!  Borders and
Barnes and Noble (large American bookstores) have kiosks with the
superhero comics and Archie: where is the Disney kiosk?  The pocket-sized
Disney comics, put out by Disney directly and not Gemstone, can be seen
in supermarket check-out aisles.  Where were these cheaper Gemstone
editions of Disney characters for $2.95?

In the end, just not enough copies were sold.  The market is too small
and specialized.


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