Gemstone Cancellations -- New Opportunities

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Sat Oct 28 11:52:20 CEST 2006

Sorry to see the classic size comic books go, particularrly that of Mickey which was never part of the Gladstone II line.
Perhaps the most overlooked Disney Comics by fans and collectors are the b/w gag-a-day daily newspaper strips of Mickey and Donald. For decades these were read by many thousands of parents on their commuter train trips, and by kids that grabed the newspaper as soon as it was delivered at home. 
With Gemstone mentioning the possibility of b/w publications, the daily strips would be ideal for this media. They should be easily photoed and resized to fit about any format, do not require colorization, and would be at home on newspaper print paper. 
With the lack of time for everbody, many people are not inclined to start reading a comic story. However, if the means to get a quick snatch of humor and then put the book down were available, this type of publication should have a wide audience.
Marvin Winitz
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