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>>>> Dean

>>>> it seems like they knew the two prestige titles were geared for
>>>> the collectors market, and the two newsstand titles and the
>>>> pocket book aimed for a more mainstream and young audience. 
>>>> So which titles has Gemstone cancelled?  The two newsstand
>>>> titles and the two pocket books.

Good point.
How sad. Well, if  the change in format (larger yet cheaper, in the supposedly now hip format) can help catch the attention of  younger readers, the switch means Gemstone has still hope, and that it may not be wishful thinking.

I wonder how well American Disney comics fare abroad. I wonder why Gemstone doesn't provide subscriptions outside the U.S. (as stated on the subscription page). Wouldn't it help?

>>>>> "Carl Barks' Greatest DuckTales Stories".

A good movie. I hope the DuckTales DVDs feature advertisign leaflets for the comics. Disney could ask that the books be displayed along with the DVDs, on special cardboard stands if necessary; I think they are powerful enough to afford such marketing campaigns and ask this of  retailers.

>>>>  myself bought both volumes even though I have all of these
>>>> different stories a few times already.

I got them too! Having such selections of  classics can be pretty handy; I was also interested in the essays.

>>>> Gemstone says that they may resume printing the two 32 page titles
>>>> and the pocket books if either the price of paper falls or better marketing
>>>> opportunities arrive.

Gladstone did switch back and forth between cheaper covers & paper and glossier covers and papers for some of  their titles according to the printing costs.

>>>>> I also have the CBLiC album series, but would *love* to have a new,
>>>>> definitive volume like the EC Comics Library Gemstone is just starting.
>>>>> While the albums are nice, I would really love to have a "normal" size Barks library.

I would also like the books to be presented like the comics were (cover, inside cover gag, stories, inside & back cover features) (they seem to be doing this for the E.C. books, ads included), and also to feature a few essays (one or two) rather than just a general (albeit interesting) introduction.

>>>>> As for the Walt Disney Treasures volumes, [...]  I certainly hope
>>>>> that Walt Disney Treasures volumes come out on a monthly basis,
>>>>> or at the very least a bi-monthly or quarterly basis.
>>>> In regards to what their content should be, [...] Why settle for
>>>> one TPB volume series if we could have two! :)

How about two quarterly books, alternating between compendium & artist? Or even just one of each.

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