dekline of comics in the US

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I then wonder why the same thing didn't happen in Europe ?
In a number of European countries the Disney comics are by far the best

We also had TV and prices constantly was raised here as well.

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> Concerning the History of Comic Books: check this site:  
> He is heavy on superhero stuff, but you might find some insight.
> The main person involved in the decline of comic books and of 
> reading in general is Mr. T.V.  There are many other reasons, 
> and you want to be careful of reductionism.  There is no one 
> cause involved, but rather many factors intertwining.
> Ultimately, if you have great or even good stories, you will 
> find at least a "remnant" of readers (to use Albert Jay 
> Nock's term for the underground who keeps a civilization 
> going during times of barbarism) to support them.  This has 
> been the case in the last 20 years with Don Rosa and William 
> Van Horn: sales were not the way they were 50 years ago, but 
> there were at least some people willing to support the stories.

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