decline of comics in the US

Timo Ronkainen timoro at
Wed Apr 11 16:26:52 CEST 2007

As I said to Joakim Gunnarson in private email, the often cited coming of 
television is too easy explanation.
One thing is, I guess, that when both Dell and Western went on their own, 
Western lost Dell's huge
distribution channels. Western continued alone with Gold Key brand. On the 
side, they had no more big hit comics and characters, Disney, Warner's etc. 
This is just
my speculation and not a fact based on actual figures or something.
Maybe someone like Mark Evanier knows better.

It really is totally different matter in Europe. In Finland Aku Ankka 
(DD-mag) made their best circulation numbers ever last year. More than 320 
000 subscriptions. It means one million readership in country that has only 
five million people.


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From: "Ola Martinsson
>I then wonder why the same thing didn't happen in Europe ?
> We also had TV and prices constantly was raised here as well.

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