decline of sales comic books

Wouter van de Zandschulp winnendewouter at
Thu Apr 12 14:03:02 CEST 2007

There is a different culture in America, of course.

In Holland sales are dropping. This may also have to do with what the 
producers of the comics do; the choices they are making. In Holland there is 
nog much varitie these days. Almost nothing but Vicar and ComicUp strip, 
which gets boring in a while.

I guess this is not the case in Finland. We could use some more Barks, Rosa, 
Rota, Van Horn, anything! Just some more variety. The amount of stories from 
Dutch artists also seems to decline. It seems there is not much more then 

I believe that if great stories are brought that excite readers, there still 
is a future in selling Disney comics.

Eindeloos zoeken naar dat ene document is nu voorbij!

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