decline of sales comic books

Arthur de Wolf arthurdewolf at
Thu Apr 12 19:47:11 CEST 2007

Wouter wrote:
> In Holland sales are dropping. This may also have to do with what the
> producers of the comics do; the choices they are making. In Holland there
> nog much varitie these days.

A great example of this is the Dutch magazine Katrien (, which comes out 6 times
per year. The magazine was launched in 1999, and from 2006 the publisher
suddenly started reprinting old issues. So for instance the stories in issue
#6 of 2006 are exactly the same as those in issue #6 of 2000. The problem is
that they don't publicize this fact, so they're selling old issues with a
new date on the cover! Unaware buyers may be getting issues they already
have. The reasoning behind reprinting the issues is that the kids who bought
the magazine six years ago are now grown up, and new kids are reading the
stories now. I think that this is fine, but they should be honest about this
and print it on the cover. Isn't this wrong?

- Arthur
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