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M.J. Prior wrote:

"Still,  I don't feel that Don Rosa should have an Award for
*this* particular  story, when so many other, *better*
stories didn't get an  Award."

To draw a parallel to animation, weren't there MANY, MANY better Bugs Bunny  
cartoons than "Knighty Knight Bugs" -- the only one to win an Oscar?  As  with 
Don Rosa, Friz Freleng directed many Bugs Bunny cartoons that  were far 
better.  Not to mention those by Chuck Jones, Bob Clampett, Robert  Mc Kimson, etc. 
...But, that's the one that won an Oscar.  So, I'm happy that Bugs and  
Freleng won an Oscar, even if it wasn't their finest work.  And, if Don  Rosa wins 
an Eisner for "The Black Knight Glorps Again", I will be happy for him  and 
for Gemstone.   If you're a fan of this stuff, I'd think you'd  prefer the 
Eisner went to Rosa and/or Gemstone than having it go to someone  else, under any 
Awards work in mysterious ways, so let's enjoy 'em when we can get  'em.  
Joe Torcivia    

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