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Does anyone know how many and
which of Rosa's stories were nominated for an Eisner
Award, throughout the years?

>From the Eisner website here are 2 winners followed by nominations that did 
not win and who did.
Will Eisner Comic Industry Award:
Summary of Winners

Best Writer/Artist: Humor

      1997 Don Rosa, Walt Disney's Comics & Stories; Uncle Scrooge 

Best Serialized Story

      1995 "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck," by Don Rosa, Uncle Scrooge 
#285-296 (Gladstone)    

Nominated but did not win:
Best Continuing Series 1995

Bone, by Jeff Smith (Cartoon Books) * 

Uncle Scrooge, by Don Rosa and others (Gladstone)   

Best Cover Artist 1995

Glenn Fabry, Hellblazer (DC/Vertigo) * 

Don Rosa, Uncle Scrooge (Gladstone)     

Best Title for Younger Readers 1996

Batman & Robin Adventures, by Paul Dini, Ty Templeton, and Rick Burchett (DC) 

Uncle Scrooge, by Don Rosa (Gladstone)  

Best Serialized Story 1997

Starman #20-23: "Sand and Stars," James Robinson, Tony Harris, Guy Davis, and 
Wade von Grawbadger (DC) * 

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #604-606: "The Universal Solvent," Don Rosa 

Best Short Story 1998

"The Eltingville Comic Book, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and 
Role-Playing Club In: The Marathon Men," Evan Dorkin, Dork! #4 (Slave Labor) * 
"A Matter of Some Gravity," Don Rosa, Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #610 

It may not be a complete list.

Barry Branvold


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