DCML Digest, Vol 50, Issue 17 (on divers matters)

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Mon Apr 23 01:07:44 CEST 2007

Leo Schulte wrote:

> Concerning toy guns: as an official member of the early Baby Boom generation in 
> America, I admit gladly to playing with toy guns of all kinds and imagining 
> myself as a cowboy, soldier, spaceman etc. in constant conflict with the forces 
> of evil.  This explains why Huey, Dewey, and Louie can nonchalantly be experts in 
> gunmanship and nobody would blink twice at the scene! 

Check some of the early volumes of The Complete Peanuts and you'll see Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the rest of the gang playing with toy guns (or even using their pointer fingers as guns) quite a lot.  It was accepted as a common style of play without quibble or question -- and Schulz, being a war veteran and all, couldn't be accused of being any sort of "gun nut".  

Michiel Prior wrote:
>I don't feel that Don Rosa should have an Award for 
> ["The Black Knight Glorps Again"], when so many other, *better* 
> stories didn't get an Award... 
> "The Black Knight GLORPS again!" is nice, but not great. 
> It's the only Disney story that got nominated for this 
> year's Eisner Awards, which suggests that, if nothing 
> else, it's this year's best Disney story. And *that* would 
> suggest that this year's Disney stories simply weren't 
> very great. 

Given how many Rosa stories are LEFT to appear, I'd say we should all be rooting for him to win, regardless of what you may think about this particular story.  He may not have many more chances.

Chris Barat
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