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Yes, I *know* I should take upcoming Gemstone listings on with a grain of salt, but I still like to look! :)

Amazon currently says the DuckTales TPB has been pushed back until August 29th while the Uncle Scrooge 60th Birthday TPB is now scheduled for Nov. 28th.  Of course these updated dates could be wrong also.  However, if they are correct, the DuckTales TPB has only been pushed back just a couple of months but the "A Little Something Special" TPB has been pushed back over 5 months! :(  I was just wondering the reasons for the long delay?  I thought the Scrooge 60th TPB was going to be mostly stuff printed in the USA before.  Could the reason for the delay have to due with a change of contents with more new material?  If so, then I think the wait is worth it! :) If not, I really can't see what would cause a 5+ month delay with already printed stories.

I just re-read the column in the last (for now) issue of DDAF which talks about what Gemstone's plans for 2007 are.  In it, it says that Gemstone is "moving full steam ahead with plans to make our Walt Disney Treasures trade paperbacks an ongoing series."   Is that still the plan for Gemstone?  Are there going to be any other TPBs released in 2007 other than the two already mentioned?  While I was disappointed when Gemstone cancelled all but two titles last year, I *love* the idea of TPBs on a regular schedule.  I just hope this is going to become a reality if not in 2007, then at least in 2008.  I don't know about other people here on the DCML, but I really hope Gemstone starts publishing TPBs on a regular basis; if not bi-monthly, then at least quarterly.

The column also mentions the often discussed black and white "Shonen Jump" titles that were planned.  I hope these are still being planned, even if they got delayed a bit.  If Gemstone only publishes two TPBs this year and no B/W volumes, I don't think they will "actually be publishing more Donald and Mickey in 2007 than we did in 2006!", which is how the column ended.

Perhaps someone from Gemstone can answer a few of these questions.  I hope no one thinks my questions and thoughts are negative, because to my way of thinking, they are *positive* thoughts and questions!  I *love* what Gemstone produces so much that I want them to produce as much as possible.  When it seems like they may be publishing less than what they thought they would it of course makes me sad.  Hopefully though 2007 is just a transition year, and in 2008 there will be a lot more TPBs, some B/W volumes, and lots of other good stuff!

As far as Don Rosa's "The Black Knight Glorps Again" getting nominated for an Eisner, I think that is great news.  Whether it is among his best stories is of course a personal view with neither a right or wrong answer.  Even if you do not have a high opinion of it though, I *still* think it should be thrilling news.  Disney comics get *so* little attention in North America that almost *any* attention is good!  And as others have pointed out, these were nominations for *one* year.  As the cliché goes, I am just happy the story was nominated. :)

I have only met Don Rosa two times and thus do not know him personally.  However, from what I have read him write on the Internet and in some publications, I would think that Don's win of a an Eisner for his "Life and Times of Scrooge" series will always be the highlight for him as far as awards go, at least for North America.  If I am wrong Don, please correct me.

Finally, personally of course I like some of Don's stories better than others.  However, even the stories I like relatively the least, I *still* love!  To me, that is a kind of "batting average" that is hard to beat!

Dean Rekich
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