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Jason Gerstein rabidferret at
Sat Apr 28 13:08:22 CEST 2007

As a resident of the Boston area I can say that Newbury Comics is NOT a good 
place for comics unfortunately, as much as the name would imply. It's 
actually about 90% music, 9% assorted toys, and 1% comics, and typically 
only the newest stuff. It's a chain actually and all over the area. A 
slightly better bet is New England Comics, or NEC, which is the home of The 
Tick:) They have stores in a few places in the area, but again, not a huge 
back issue selection, and little Disney.

Unfortunately, I have never found any great Disney comic shops in the area, 
though I don't know a lot about the small shops in the city itself, as I 
live on the outskirts. Depending on how far you're willing to travel though, 
there do seem to be quite a lot of comic shops within a half hour of the 
city, so if you called around you might be able to find a good one. If you 
were looking for older Disney stuff, had time to drive a distance, and 
didn't mind a stuffy warehouse, Gary Dolgoff lives in western Massachusetts 
and has an insane amount of comics from every publisher and era. It's a huge 
warehouse that's just ALL back issues. He's by appointment only though, so 
you'd need to get in contact with him, and it's probably about 2 hours from 

Sorry I couldn't help more!

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>An acquaintance of mine, a resident of Boston, who does not know much about 
>comics however, has seen a place called Newbury Comics, but admits it 
>displays a good number of CD's, T-Shirts, and left-wing propaganda.

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