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Lee Schulte wrote: 
"An acquaintance of mine, a resident of Boston, who does not know much  about 
comics however, has seen a place called Newbury Comics, but admits it  
displays a good number of CD's, T-Shirts, and left-wing  propaganda."

Not that there's anything wrong with "left-wing propaganda" in a  supposedly 
"free society", but please do not waste your time on visiting Newbury  Comics. 
 It is a comics shop in name only.  Few comics are on display,  and none that 
would interest the writer who originally asked the question.  
And, yes, there was far too much of the other stuff Lee mentioned.   My wife 
and I were in Boston last Thanksgiving, and I had to look into Newbury  out of 
curiousity.  Was I ever disappointed.  
In fact, the type of shop the original writer described does not really  
exist in New York (my hometown), and I've rarely found it in other cities in  
recent years.  Mostly, they sell new comics and comics from recent years --  and 
lots of non-comics stuff.  Your best bet is to tie a visit to the US  into the 
occurrence of a "big comic convention".   There aren't very  many "little 
comic cons" anymore either, now that anyone, anywhere can  buy (or bid for) older 
comics online.  
It's a shame that a visitor to the US can't find an easy place to obtain  
some classic older American comics on his visit, but that seems to be the  
reality of today.  
Joe Torcivia. 

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