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Mon Apr 30 13:16:00 CEST 2007

I'll second Oliver's endorsement of New York's Midtown Comics.  In  
particular, the 7th Avenue location.  
It is not a treasure trove of old comics (the selection of them is small  and 
located behind the register area), but it may have more of what you're  
looking for than any other retail shop in NYC that I can think of.  If  you're in 
NYC, it is worth checking out.  If you're there on May 05, you  can get a copy 
of the Gottfredson "Free Comic Book Day" issue.  
Again, as I said in a previous post, the best bet is to tie a visit to  the 
US into the occurrence of a "big comic convention".   Shops, in  large part, 
simply do not carry this type of material, as they once  did.  
For New York, try to coincide with the semi-regular Big Apple Cons, or the  
annual New York Comic Con. 
Joe Torcivia

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