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Sun Apr 29 20:01:08 CEST 2007

Those are good answers about comics in Boston.  I actually emailed Lee a 
lot of the same comments and recommended some stores outside of Boston, 
as well as Dolgoff.

I agree with the basic comment.  Back issue comics in the US these days 
is basically a mail order event.  Stores have been forced to go with 
what turns over most quickly.  Back issue Dells and Gold Keys aren't as 
quick a seller and it's hard for most stores to A) pay rent for floor 
space for back issues and B) get a reputation which will allow them to 
accumulate them in the first place.  The other thing is C) people sell 
on eBay anything old and thus fewer of us actually keep them in stock as 
opposed to turning them instantly on eBay.  (eBay can be pretty negative 
though with high postage costs, amateur sellers and almost always 
amateur grading.)

The back issue situation isn't as grim as one might think as there are 
probably 1-2 great stores in every metroplitan area that still carry 
back issues.  The Disneys might be in the back room though! Meaning you 
have to ask and they may have to bring out some boxes that have never 
been priced.  I can probably think of four stores in the San 
Francisco/Sacramento area that would be worth calling to inquire about 
Disney back issues.  But my mail order operation has more Disneys than 
all of them combined, most likely.

I enjoy reading the list and as you guys know, chime in when I have some 
knowledge to contribute.

Marc Newman
"Super-Selection of Silver and Bronze Age Comics"

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