Donald Duck renamed Daniel in "The Wise Little Hen" [?]

Dr Gilles R. Maurice calisota at
Thu Aug 30 08:38:56 CEST 2007

Hi everybody! Long time no see!

I remember reading an article once (actually a scanned one-page article, in
english) explaining that at some point, in a publication of the comic book
version of the Silly Symphony "The Wise Little Hen" (a recent one, I think),
they renamed Donald Duck into "Daniel Duck", probably because his early
appearance would puzzle the kids...

I'm not 100% sure, but I think the article was an intoduction to that very
publication of TWLH, but it could also be the introduction of another
publication, stating that they came up with this solution in an earlier

I tried and tried again to look for this scan in my messy computer, but in vain.
Is my brain playing tricks on me, or has there been such thing? I don't even
know where I found it... Probably in a bunch of zipped american comics I
illegally downloaded a while ago with some bittorrent program...

It's quite important for me to find out about that, because one of my future
sections will be about Donald's early appearance, and the several ways to tie it
with his present appearance, and thid article was a central piece (even though
this decision was so stupid on many levels)...

(other clever examples were this barks painting with the boat-house scenery with
early Donald as a robot controled by Gyro, that Don Rosa pin-up illustration in
which past DD and present DD meet eachother, and a Quack Pack episode in which
Donald gets younger because of some fountain of youth process, and he becomes a
long-beaked unbearable teenager)

If such thing has never existed, then I'll consider myself insane, quit
donaldism and ask someone else to deal with my website :-)

Gilles R. Maurice, Ducktor don.(

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