A very "adult" joke in "The Prisoner of White Agony Creek"

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"The Prisoner of White Agony Creek" didn't come out in Poland yet (but their plaining to publish it this year) 


However I took a pick at the On-line version and I have mix-up filing about the joke on the end of this page  :



At one point I think it's a good thing Disney comics are trying to reach for the older audience… Bah! I was usually the one to say it wont hurt if Disney comic’s will be little less Political correct once a while and wont be afraid to refer to some more mature topics like religion for example [which appeared very rarely, outside of Don Rosa’s work]


…But on other hand having a sex jokes in a Uncel Scrooge comic?! There’s something disturbing about it.  While the joke about Donald not wanting the boy’s to know what happened in valley (at the start of the story) fells more discrete, the “Between the legs” joke felt to obvious for a Disney comic book and was very near of crossing the line of good taste.  

I respect Don Rosa and all his work very much and I will buy this story as soon it will came out in Poland (this comic look's fantastic), but I rely thing he could do this sort of humor more subtle and discrete in the future…  


I mean what next? 

Huey – Hey Unca Donald, where you been all night? 

Donald –  I was at aunt Daisy house…

Dewey – What your where doing there all this time? 

Donald – We… Eeee…. I… I Was fixing here roof! Yes, the roof…  

Louie –  At night? 

Donald – OK! You know what? I’m rely Duck Avanger, Ok? I spend all night chasing criminals and nothing else happened! Ok? Now eat your breakfast and stop asking silly question’s! It’s time for church… 

(Ok, I got carry away with the last sentence ;-)) 




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