Donald Duck renamed Daniel in "The Wise Little Hen" [?]

Robert Hutchings robertmhutchings at
Thu Aug 30 16:10:21 CEST 2007

Dear Gilles,

This is a different source, but in David Gerstein's
2005 book, "Mickey and the Gang," on page 20 he writes
the following:

"GH's (Good Housekeeping Magazine's) version of Hen
was expanded into a full-length prose story twice:
first for Mickey Mouse and His Friends (1937), a
storybook published by Thomas Nelson and Sons, and
then for Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 18 (1942).
Interestingly, both stories' authors avoided
identifying the Duck star as Donald. Mickey Mouse
author Jean Ayer renamed him "Daniel," with Peter (the
pig) becoming "Patsy" for good measure. WDC&S called
Donald simply "the Duck" and erased him from Tom
Wood's vignettes. Presumably the goal was to avoid
confusion with the mature version of Donald visible
elsewhere in the publications."

Hope that helps!

Robert Hutchings

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