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> Sad thing is, even through all that other neatness, I assume that the main
> reason it won't be missed by many is that no matter how good the stuff was
> in the past, the stuff they've been producing since the then has been just
> about 100% garbage, and even if on the slim chance that the comic they're
> producing IS Disney related, its so watered down and kiddie that it's
> borderline insulting. The Disney Comics era of old is long gone and dead.
> Talk about out with a whimper... =\

Actually, the comics in Disney Adventures are still mostly Disney
related.  Here's what's in the latest issue (September 2007):

Wulf and Merl*
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Replacements
Darkwing Duck
Jet Pack Pets*
Tall Tails (Mickey & Goofy)
The Last Laugh^

The ones marked with a * are non-Disney properties (there's two of
them).  The one marked with a ^ is Disney-owned, but developed
especially for Disney Adventures and not based on an existing
property.  The rest (a majority) are "Disney related" no matter how
you slice it...

By the way, does anyone know if Disney Adventures Comic Zone is also
being canceled?

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