Duckburgian Mathematics

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Thu Feb 8 20:06:03 CET 2007

The science students union at the University of Oslo
stage their "Bjørnegildet 2007" festival these days,
which includes a selection of "popular science"
lectures. I have been asked to contribute on
"Mathematics in Duckburg", and give a lecture
on that theme Wednesday 14th at 15:00 in
Auditorium 2, Biology Building, for those who might
belong to the intersection set of the interested
and the geographically local. See also

Matematikk i Andeby

Hva er verden uten realfag, og hva er livet uten litteratur?
I sitt populære og vitenskapelige populærvitenskapelige
foredrag skal professor Nils Lid Hjort ved Matematisk institutt
belyse de særegne former for matematikk, fysikk,
sannsynlighetsteori og datateknologi som råder i Andeby.

(What would the world be like without science, and
would life be without literature? In his popular and scientific
popular science lecture, professor NLH at the Department
of Mathematics shall attempt to shed light on the
peculiar forms of mathematics, physics, probability theory
and information sciences that appear to govern Duckburg.)

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