DCML Digest, Vol 48, Issue 4

bi442 at lafn.org bi442 at lafn.org
Fri Feb 9 09:19:28 CET 2007

> Kai:
> >I just realized that I have no idea what is Carl Barks' middle name. 
> >Quick google-search did not help, nor the fact I've missplaced Don 
> >Ault's book, didn't even spot it in CBL vol 1.
> As a Digest subscriber, I haven't read any answers you might already 
> have received. But still: I believe I have heard him say, with my own 
> ears, that he hadn't got one.

> Stefan Dios
> Bromma, Sweden

If I'm not mistaken, I believe I remember him saying to me that he didn't 
have a middle name.


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