Barks/Rosa sequel comics vs new stories

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In the inside cover column of Uncle Scrooge #362, John Clark writes that after the upcoming comic pairing Barks' "Land of the Pygmy Indian" with Rosa's "War of the Wendigo", there are going to be more special comic pairings of some Barks' stories with Rosa sequels.

Well, probably everyone on the mailing list knows my thoughts on re-re-reprints! :)  To be fair though, I have to admit that this is a creative way to produce a special Disney comic issue and that I will buy the "Pygmy/Wendigo" comic plus others in the series.  With Gemstone down to only 2 monthly comics I want to support them any way I can!

I just hope though that this does NOT mean that Gemstone is beginning to focus more and more on reprints.  Can someone from Gemstone tell me if the company is just as committed to printing new-to-North-America stories in 2007 as Gemstone was in 2003?  Also, I still would love to hear if anyone at Gemstone is giving serious consideration to a 3rd monthly prestige title.  I know I have asked this many times in the past and that I must sound like a broken record by now, and I am sorry for that.  It would just mean a lot to me though to know if this is something I can hope for and look forward to, or if this is something that is not going to happen and that I should just get used to there only being 2 monthly titles.  I understand if no one from Gemstone can comment on this, but I really would like it if someone could comment or a least give a little hint!  Please!!! (Said like Roger Rabbit!!! :))

Dean Rekich
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