Papernika! not another super hero!

Ole Damgaard ole at
Sun Feb 18 02:13:03 CET 2007

On Wed Jan 17 12:45:43 CET 2007 Francesco Spreafico wrote:

> There are *hundreds* of masterpieces that should be translated in  
> English, not this! What you DO want to see translated is the >"Spada di  
> ghiaccio" trilogy, by Massimo De Vita [...] starring Mickey (and Goofy)  
> and >dealing with magic.

The "Spada di ghiaccio" trilogy IS great, and if you are looking for MM  
and GO stories dealing with magic, i highly recommend Giampiero Ubezio's  
magnificent "Harlech" stories:

I TL 1753-BP  Topolino e lo scettro di Harlech
I TL 1820-DP  Topolino e il ritorno ad Harlech


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