Mastery stories in English

Elaine Ramshaw elaine1 at
Sun Feb 18 02:41:34 CET 2007

I'm interested in tracking down the "brittle mastery of Donald" stories that
have been published in English. I'm using a pretty narrow definition here,
including only stories that actually call Donald "Master _______" or "Master
of ______" and that follow the classic pattern fairly closely. For instance,
"Sauce for the Duck" (Ildahl/Milton/Jippes; printed in the first Treasures
volume) doesn't make this list, because Donald doesn't really have a gift at
cookery; he just has someone else's spice bottle. In addition to Barks's
Rainmaker, Mover, Glasser and Wrecker, I've seen the following:

Rosa, Master Landscapist
Lustig/Van Horn, It's Bats, Man!
Transgaard/Gerstein/Vicar, Master of Mice (DD 338)
Milton/Jippes, A Clean Case of Competence (DD 306)

Have any other mastery stories been published in English? And Gemstone
folks: will the story "Master of Disaster," which was scheduled for a
canceled title, be published in some other venue?


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