The lost Disney Comic story

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In the new Disney Treasures DVD, More Silly Symphonies, David Gerstein refers to the meeting place: Disney Comics/Disney Cartoons. He gives a fairly detailed comparison between the film Bugs in Love and the various Bucky Bug stories that appeared in the comics.
David also provides in depth comments about the cartoon Cannibal Capers. However, no comparison  is made with  the comic story of the same year (1930) which was later to become known as Lost On A Desert Island. Both showed cannibals cooking their soup, talking the same kind of jibberish, and chashing about with cannibals and lions.
The comic story was the first ever Disney Comic.  The episodes of the comic story were plotted by Walt Disney and gave full play to his imagination, and accordingly set the tone for all the Disney Comic stories to which we are enthusiasts.
I hope that the powers that be that direct the Disney Empire have not given the word that this original story should be completely ignored --and then can be forgotten.
Marvin Winitz 
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