Indian Mythology Comics

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Fri Jan 5 13:45:59 CET 2007

  Several days ago the Wall Street Journal ran an article about the
  Virgin Company (airlines, records) entering the comic book business
  with a series of comic books based on Indian Mythology with female
  "superheroes".  One issue already hit 20,000 in sales.  You can read
  about it here:
  What I thought was fascinating was the entry of this company into the
  incredibly overcrowded superhero comic field.  Given the sexual
  undertones - and overtones - in these comics it is possibly unfair to
  compare their success with the problems in marketing Duck
  adventures.  On the other hand, how many kids outside of India would
  seemingly be interested in such stories? You can say that as a
  mythology the stories from India fit certain Jungian archetypes, etc.
  and therefore are easily grasped.  But would that same argument not
  apply to the humor in the Uncle Scrooge/Donald Duck stories as well?

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