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Elaine, thanks again for your comments.  I am very happy to hear that while you like a mix of new and reprint stories, that you would support a totally reprint devoted title *and* titles devoted totally to new stories.

I also agree that I want Gemstone to produce MORE!  I think there are so many possibilities!  Not only am I OK with more material being presented in a TPB format, but I actually would *like* more presented in such a format.  I know this is just a pipe dream of mine, but imagine a monthly TPB title from Gemstone!  It would have more pages than 2 prestige titles together, and yet not cost much more than 2 prestige titles.

One thing I hope to see in a TPB format are Gottfredson's Mouse stories.  It is nice they are being reprinted in WDC&S stories now, but I must admit I still do not like stories being in 3 or 4 different issues.  Hopefully after the Foreign Legion story and "The Gleam", Gemstone could switch Gottfredson stories to some nice TPBs.  That way they could be presented all in one piece.

I just think the possibilities are almost endless for Gemstone with TPBs, archival editions, etc.  Not only do I hope for Barks and Gottfredson libraries, I would love to see Rosa, Van Horn, etc. ones as well.  I agree with you totally Elaine in wanting some TPBs or even hardcover "Hall of Fame" collections of Don Rosa's stories.  I can't imagine these not being among the most marketable items Gemstone could produce. I also love the idea of a volume of Rosa's cover art, pin-ups, etc.  I would definitely buy such a collection.

Thanks to Anthony, BJ, and others for voicing their support for a 3rd prestige title!  I agree with Anthony that Donald Duck and Friends would be the wisest choice for a 3rd prestige title.  Donald Duck sells better than Mickey Mouse, plus you could keep the nice long history and numbering with such a title.  And of course it could have Mouse stories in it as well.

I (again) encourage anybody on the ML who would like to see a 3rd monthly prestige title to please voice your desire for it here!  You don't have to write a lot or in any detail.  Just a one sentence post of support for such a 3rd title would help a lot!  Hopefully more and more people here on the ML expressing a desire for a third title will show Gemstone what a great idea it is!

Dean Rekich
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