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Tue Jan 23 17:58:45 CET 2007


> One quick last question for Gary.  Has Gemstone made any more plans  
> for what TPBs it will publish after the two this summer?  Will  
> Gemstone publish TPBs on a regular basis, and if so, how often?  I  
> hope after the all-reprint "Duck Tales" one and the mostly reprint  
> Scrooge anniversary one, that the next TPB will be an all or mostly  
> *new* story TPB.

Further TPBs are being planned, though they won't be put out with the  
regularity or frequency of the prestige titles. These books are  
projects with focused intent, "special event" publications if you  
will, rather than ongoing titles. This doesn't mean, however, that a  
particular project might not be composed of several-even numerous- 
volumes issued on a regular basis. It all depends on what the idea  
that spawns them encompasses.


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