Don Rosa's spectacular artwork!

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Wed Jan 24 00:07:35 CET 2007

Hey everyone,
    I just want to say thanks to the kind words with  regards to my recent 
email. I really hope that we do see a "Donald Duck"  prestige title soon. There 
seems to be a market for it, based on this list  alone! 
    However, I also wanted to bring something else to  Gary and this list's 
attention that I just noticed today. In celebration of  Scrooge McDuck's 60th 
Anniversary, Don Rosa is doing 12 spectacular posters. Go  to this link for a 
view of some of them: 
(  . 
    My question to Gary is if Gemstone has any plans to  use this wonderful 
artwork in some way along with commentary from Rosa about  what they portray 
(although I imagine we Duck fans here know!). Personally, I  would love to see 
them in an American 2007 or 2008 calendar! I don't know if  Gemstone has the 
ability to do this, but I think such a product would sell  wonderfully if 
strategically distributed. Also, I might add that something as  simple as a calendar 
in mainstream stores like Walmart, Barnes and Noble, etc.,  could generate 
popular interest in these characters and hence the comic  books.
    Anyways, just food for thought. Maybe, some Rosa  and Duck fans on this 
list agree with me again.....
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